The Shaftmaster Portable Cue Lathe

Quick, quiet, light and PORTABLE. This machine does the repairs pool players need. Replace tips, ferrules, tenons, retaper shafts, wrap cues, refinish surfaces. Comes with everything you need to do the work WE need.

INCLUDED WITH LATHE: light foot switch, variable speed controlled motor. burnishing pad, uni-drive, glue, sharpening stone, butt adapter, hole gauge, tenons, tips, wax, sandpaper, cutting tools, tenon drill, operator guide, taper attachment.


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uni-drive cup

Uni-Drive For Any Shaft
(SOLD SEPERATELY BUT INCLUDED WITH LATHE PURCHASE) Can be used for any shaft in any lathe. Do the repairs you need to do without buying all the drive pins. No more looking into shafts to check thread count and pitch. No more using the wrong pin because you don’t have the one you need. This holds them all, pop it on and off.

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Product Description Price Order
Shaftmaster Portable Cue Lathe $799 + $55 S&H
Uni-Drive $50 + $10 S&H

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