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The Shaftmaster Portable Cue Lathe

Quick, quiet, light and PORTABLE. This machine does the repairs pool players need. Replace tips, ferrules, tenons, retaper shafts, use as a wrap fixture. Comes with everything you need to do the work WE need.

DOES: Tips, tenons, ferrules, wraps, retaper and refinish work.

INCLUDES: Operator manual, canvas tool kit, carry case, variable speed, one year warranty.

Drive Pins Sanding Boards
Multi-Tool Grinding Wheel
Hand Tool/File Glue
Wax Tips
Sheepskin Pad Ferrules
Leather Burnishing Pad Tenons

The Shaftmaster is completely portable

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The Shaftmaster is ready to go!

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Shaftmaster Completely Portable Cue Lathes - Hammond Tools

Toll Free: 1-877-258-3844

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